In your bag 383, Allen
Allen (just Allen for legal reasons) has a lovely set up for us all to see. Detailed pics and description, just what we love. Come and check out this fantastic setup.

My name is Allen and I’m a lawyer from San Francisco.  I have enjoyed admiring all of your toys (tools) on JCH; today, I get to return the favor.  I caught the photography bug about a year ago.  Initially, I started taking pictures as a means of documenting my travels and the more mundane details of my day to day life as well.  As for many of you I’m sure, this hobby has pretty quickly evolved into something more, a different way of seeing the world perhaps.  My “photographic journey” has been in no small part aided by my many photographer friends, who have encouraged and inspired me through their talent and with their words to make images that cause someone other than me to feel something (which, admittedly, is sometimes boredom or disgust).
I owe each of them thanks, and I have enjoyed our many conversations about photography at large and, on a lighter note, nerding out about camera gear (always fun).


1. Fuji X100 – My only digital camera (not counting iPhone).  Has been gathering dust since I started shooting film.  A wonderful camera though, looks fantastic and takes beautiful pictures.

2. Contax T2 (gold) – My first foray into film.  Flashy and compact.  The “gold brick.”

3. Konica Hexar AF – Perhaps my favorite camera to date, although the M6 is catching up.  Magical.  Hard to explain.

4. Leica M6 (with 35mm Summicron v3) – I’m still learning to use this camera.  The fully analog approach has been challenging, as there is some lead time to getting the correct exposure before the shot can be taken, and I’ve missed some moments.  I’m getting better though, and the glass is as good as advertised.  I haven’t felt the need to upgrade from v3 to ASPH.  I will soon invest in different focal lengths, possibly a Summilux.

5. Polaroid Land Camera 1000 – A recent addition.


1. Fogg B-Laika

2. BlackRapid SnapR 35 (not shown)

3. Kaza leather full case for X100, with battery pouch (tan)

4. Luigi half case for M6 (brown) (not shown)


1. Summicron round lens hood (Series 7)

2. B+W Series 7 UV filter – yet to use

3. Lens cleaner, lens tissue, microfiber cloths

4. Brush and blower

5. 35mm Voightlander optical viewfinder for M6 – attaches to hotshoe, very bright, rarely used

6. Extra batteries for X100

7. Film – I mainly shoot negative film (color: Kodak Portra 400, Fuji Pro 400H; B&W: Kodak Tri-X, Ilford HP5 Plus)

I normally don’t take a bag with me, opting to take one camera and shove an extra roll or battery in my pocket, but now that I have the excellent Fogg B-Laika, I may start to take two cameras out more regularly.  My preferred setup is to shoot Portra with my M6 and Tri-X or HP5 with my Hexar.

Thanks for looking in my bag.  As someone wiser than me once said, the best camera is the one that’s with you.  Happy shooting!

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Thanks for sharing your bag and your passion with us Allen, lovely to see such a well laid out and thoughtful setup.
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