Digging in – Tokyo Street photography
Recently a few people have been asking me to show more of my work on the site. I am not really a big fan of showing my work and I get pretty nervous about it. But seeing as people are asking I decided to bite the bullet so to speak. Hope you enjoy the images.

I titled this digging in because that is what it feels like for me now. I am digging in for the long haul in Japan having set up a business and a life here. No matter how long you are here and how good your Japanese, you are always going to be an outsider looking in. But I feel like I have managed to dig my own little trench here and it is my place in the system. These images were all taken during the summer/autumn in Tokyo. There is nothing that is meant to be a narrative to these images, just the images that I took in this time period that I like. But they are all taken in areas that I never usually go and shoot, so I had put myself in a place that is a lot different to my usual situation.

Shooting in Shinjuku at night is fun, but it can get pretty hairy at times and you have to make sure you ask if you are going to get a picture of the hosts and bar people. They can be good sports about it, even if they do look like complete ponces. I like shooting here and I think I should try more. I was shooting with a flash, which is very unusual for me.

Asakusa is tourist central and somewhere that I never go to unless I really have to. But I thought it might be interesting to see what I could get from an environment that is so close quarters. I want to be closer to people, much closer.

Still not really close enough and not quite what I am looking to achieve, but I am getting there. I am still working on this and the Hong Kong pieces so there is plenty more to do. I have a project in mind from this that I am going to get cracking on over the next few months.

Thanks for viewing.