The Photohoku Exhibition is this weekend
If you are in Tokyo this weekend and you want to go and see a great exhibition that is also a good cause then you should get yourself to 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Akihabara to see the Photohoku show, you will not regret it.

In case you missed a large portion of the world news in the past year or so, there was a massive and incredibly destructive earthquake and tsunami in Japan last year. Large areas of Tohoku, Sendai and Fukushima were devastated by the tsunami. Lots of international aid came to help and there has been a lot of good work done by many people. But one of the most interesting groups that has been helping people has been Photohoku. Brian Peterson has a passion for photography and for helping the people of Tohoku to get their memories back.

Brian with the Aero Ektar
When the people of Tohoku lost everything they lost their pictures, albums and all of the family memories too. Brian and a group of photographers from all of the world have been working tirelessly to help the people get something back, by taking pictures of the families, presenting them with albums and sharing memories with them. It is a lovely project that has bought a lots of smiles to peoples faces.

Now Brian and the Photohoku guys are having an exhibition at the 3331 Arts Chiyoda centre in Akihabara, Tokyo. If you are in the area then you really should go and show your support for such a great project. Photohoku is sponsored by fujifilm and they are selling peel apart film packs at the show. They are also offering for you to have your portrait taken with the Aero Ektar on 8×10 negative film for a charge of 10,000 yen. All of the proceeds go to the photohoku project and the people of Tohoku. Brain is really passionate about peel apart film can cameras, he was rocking a lovely Konica Instant Press when I saw him there yesterday.

The Chiyoda arts centre is just a short walk from Akihabara station, you can get the map by clicking here.
And if you want to support the Photohoku guys and you are not in Japan then you can see their website here.
The show is on until Sunday, so make sure you get there before it closes. It is a really inspiring sight to see, and well worth a vist.