Digital cameras that I want to see
Photokina has got everyone buzzing, with the new releases from Leica and all of that jazz, there has been an influx of new cameras on the market, some of the great some of them not so great. Seeing as everyone has chucked their tuppence into the ring about the new releases I thought I would write something with a different spin…

The big news this week has been the release of the new Leica M and the M-E. Very interesting cameras, I guess, but not unexpected and nothing new. They are going to be popular no matter what people say about them. The pricing on the M-E is probably going to bring a lot of people to Leica digital who were apprehensive in the past.

There was also the Fuji XF-1, which looks suspiciously like the Natura (now discontinued…timing?), a compact camera that is harking back to the classic designs that Fuji used to make.

I mean, come on, that looks just like the Natura, or am I the only one who sees this? If they release it in white then I will laugh out loud.

But the one that interested me the most was the Sony DSC-RX1 (horrible name).

Why does this camera interest me? Well it is certainly not because it is a Sony, but it is the first full frame compact camera, and this marks a milestone in digital cameras. It doesn’t matter if it is crap or not, because now you will see other companies following suit with their own versions of this camera. You can bet your bottom dollar that the other makers are not going to let Sony be the only company on the market with one of these cameras.
And this is what got me thinking. Seeing as basically the camera manufacturers have now got pretty much zero imagination and are not prepared to take real risks when it comes to design, why can’t they re-hash some of their old designs for the benefit of the consumer….wait, oh man, they are already doing this. Olympus being the biggest culprit, cashing in on its classics. But I feel that some of the other manufacturers have missed the boat on this one. A few years back most cameras would be impossible to digitize, but now we have the technology to make it happen. So here are a few of the cameras that I would love to see digitized.


The Mamiya 6 and 7 are two of my favourite cameras, not just because they are so damned capable, but because the lenses are incredible and the design is a total classic. This being a medium format camera would be an expensive proposition and it may not be possible to keep the dimensions the same, as the 7 and 6 are pretty slimline cameras. But Mamiya has been involved in the R&D for digital medium format backs and cameras for a while now, so this isn’t out of the sphere of reality. It is a shame to not have these lenses being used, they are just too good.


Everyone thought they were dead, and then they came back. And then they died again, and now they are back again. It just goes to show that if you have a name that is valuable someone will want to revive it. Now Rollei are no strangers to MF digital, with a new camera just released at Photokina, but they seem to opt for the safe route, just like all of the others, and make a studio camera. What about the classic TLR’s? They were beautifully designed and manufactured. This would be an outstanding camera to have as a digital camera. And not only that, there is plenty of space in that old box to fit the electronic gubbins inside. Only problem I can see would be the price. This would be a massively expensive camera….but then after seeing the new gold and leather abomination from Hasselblad I am sure that there would be no shortage of buyers.


Speaking of Hasselblad (I shall be nice…a Ferrari on their stand?), there is one that I do want to see from them. Yes, it may be obvious, but I want to see the X-pan as a digital camera. This one may be a bit more difficult. The unusual size of the sensor would cause more than a few headaches for the engineers. But how cool would that be? A panoramic digital camera with outstanding lenses? Oh dear, I would have no choice, I would have to mug an old lady to get one.


Yup, on to the big boys. With Nikon, I have wanted them to make a digital rangefinder forever. They are now such total slaves to the shareholders that I doubt this will actually happen, but I can dream can’t I? An S rangefinder in digital with a mount adapter that can utilize the classic S-mount lenses? That would truly be a thing of beauty and wonder. For now I shall have to sit around and daydream though, as Nikon seem to be intent on making the most boring mirrorless cameras I have ever seen.


Canon are pretty much doing the same bloody thing as Nikon, making boring and staid consumer cameras that fit the market. But they have such heritage, why can’t they draw on some of that? A Canonet in digital would be amazing. It wouldn’t even have to be full frame, as you would want it to have those hipsterish effects and the lower price tag. If they made one of these in digital you would be able to hear the collective ‘clank’ as all of the hipsters dropped their Holga’s and went to the store to buy one of these bad boys.


This is something personal for me, and seeing as Contax effectively no longer makes cameras I doubt that it will ever happen, but I would love to see a T2 in digital. And Know they made the digitals T’s way back, but they were rubbish. I would like to see a T2, in all its glory, in digital. This would be a wonderful camera. That lens is amazing.

There you go, a few of the cameras that I would love to see in digital. What about you? What would you like to see? It doesn’t even have to be an old classic, perhaps you have an idea for something that breaks the mould. Comment below and tell us all.