In your bag number 223, Christian Friedländer
A lovely bag for you today. Not a collection but a bag. Plain and simple. Christian has send in some very arty shots of his gear, so come and read a bit about them and him.

I’m named Christian Friedländer aka Shades Of Laks aka The Tower Prophets (together with Dicki Lakha aka Yohn & Joko), a stage scenographer and photographer from Copenhagen/ Berlin, working for theaters and operahouses all around Europe since 1993. Right now I’m working on a theater play in Copenhagen, an opera in Lyon, and a lot of imaginary theatrical still photos in my atelier in Copenhagen.

Taking photos has over the years become more and more important to me in my artistic life, and after 10 years with a digital camera, I’m back on celluloid.. with a vengeance! (I buy almost any analog flee marked camera I come by, and there are plenty in Berlin!)

Going back and forth between Copenhagen and Berlin I usually carry this comfy monks bag, found in venice last summer. In the bag today is…

Leica M5, from 1972, with a 35 mm. Summicron version 3, from 1971.
Never thought I would become the Leica geek type of guy, but hey… 3 months ago I bought this beauty of a Leica M5 after reading a lot of great stuff about it around the net in different forums. I love the double exposure feature, the overhanging shutter speed dial, the TTL light meter, vertical lug straps, the heavy feel of it in my hands, and the overall ugly duckling story to it… I love it, and sometimes sleep with it ;-) Shoots primarily HP5+ and Kodak Tri-X.

Polaroid SLR 680
I have had tons of polaroid cameras, and have shoot them a lot in the days before digital cameras. Now with the Impossible Project and the really neat Sofortbild Shop in Berlin I shoot polaroids again with a smile. The SLR 680 is a true beauty that works perfect. Bought it from a guy in Texas on Ebay. I love to think of the different types of motives that has gone through that camera!

Ricoh GR1s
I adore this camera for many reasons, I have had 3 different Ricoh GR Digital before I got this analog version. The digital Ricoh is the camera I have used the most throuhout the last 5 years and it makes excellent pictures for any occasion.. It’s a win win combo to have a digital and analog Ricoh GR in each pocket.

Ipad 2
It has a wonderful Super 8 film app in HD that I use a lot, and this iPad is deffinately the most popular gadget of the household.

Keys for my home in Berlin with a keychain from a Formula 1 race in Istanbul! (The only one I ever been to)

Beaten up card holder from Mugi, bought in Tokyo in 1999. on the inside lid I have some sticker photos I took with a Game Boy camera I bought in Akihabara… Sugoi!

Old Calendar, where I helplessly try to keep track of time and projects.


Christian Friedländer

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Thanks for sharing your bag, your thoughts and your gear. I love to see people using the M5, it may be an ugly duckling, but it is a very good one.
Check out the links and please come and comment if you feel that way inclined.

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