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In your bag number 136, Dilraj Singh Hey ho rainy day, but despite the fact that the heavens have opened, the show must go on. An on it does with the latest bag, this time from another rainy land, the UK. Come and see what Dill keeps in his bag…

In your bag number 131, Joel Westworth A lovely bag today, in fact one type of bag that I love. I have a terrible weakness for Domke waxwear bags, especially when they are filled with such lovely goodies. Check it out.

In your bag number 127, Vincent Sjögren Todays bag comes from sunny Sweden, from a high school student no less. But check out what he is reading, pretty heavy stuff, as is his camera setup. Check it out.

In your bag number 126, Andrew Olson An interesting set up for you today, a modern bag with a bunch of classic cameras inside. And just you wait until you read about where these cameras came from…So, lets see what Andrew is keeping in his bag.

In your bag number 125, Wandering Monki What a funky little bag we have for you today, from a chap with a very cool name…Wandering Monki. I love the description and the the interesting selection of gear. Check it out….

In your bag number 123, Norman Estrologo This bag shot from Norman is cool for me because I actually met Norman on the streets of LA when I was shooting there for the workshop. It was great to meet him and I am really happy to have his bag on the site. Come and see […]

In your bag number 119, Riccardo Parenti Todays bag is another bag from Japan, but the owner is not Japanese, he is an Italian. It is a very cool bag with a lovely selection of cameras. So lets see what Riccardo keeps in his bag…

In your bag number 118, Goetz M. Pollmann It may be a day of rest, but JapanCameraHunter never rests for you guys :) So, here is another great bag for you. But wait! Shock! This bag is purely digital!

In your bag number 115, Mat Marrash Holy moly, what do we have here? That is right, a large format camera! Yay, I have been waiting for one of these to be featured for a long time. It is not often you see something like this in someones bag. So, lets see what we have […]

In your bag number 105, John Berner A bit of an epic bag post today. What we have he is not one, not two, but three bags for you! Yes, three bags. John has a lot of different gear and he wants to share it with us. This really raises the bar, who will out […]