CURA cordovan strap with shoulder pad


A stunning camera strap made of the finest Cordovan leather. Designed to last and age with the user to create its own unique patina. The straps are handmade in Japan.

This strap comes with a removable shoulder pad.



Cordovan, known as the diamond of leather, is not only rare, but also the finest leather material with beautiful luster, durability, and lightness.
This product uses cordovan for the belt part of the stopper with a luxurious and seamless length of approximately 101cm (105cm from ring tip to tip).In order to make the most of the characteristics of the fine fibrous leather, this product is not lined and has the texture of the leather itself. We have set it up so that you can enjoy it.

The root leather at the tip is designed with off-white stitching. Cordovan straps are thin, light and soft, with a width of just 12mm, yet firm and stiff, and will fit the user’s body every time they are used.
As this wonderful strap is used for a long time, it will develop a unique texture that is unique to each owner.
In addition, we use a traditional material, transparent funori, to finish the leather cuts, making the most of the natural color of the cordovan coba surface.
Since we are using a single piece of cordovan leather, there may be stains or dirt on the underside due to the processing, but this is not a defect.

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