MR-9 Battery Adapter

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A very simple and useful solution to the battery issues that are faced since we cannot use Mercury batteries any longer. Tired of trying to find Zinc-Air batteries? Then this might be what you are looking for.

The solution for the discontinued MR-9 (H-D, PX13, PX625) mercury battery.

The adapter is the same size as the original battery.
No additional modification is required (apart from certain exceptions).
This adaptaer has a built in circuit to reduce the voltage of SR43(386) battery 1.55V to that of a mercury battery approx. 1.35V. So you don’t have to fiddle around and have the camera converted.

Only use the Voltage Transformation Adapter with silver oxide batteries. Alkaline batteries give poor results.
Due to erosion or a weak spring, the contact of the battery may be unstable.
In case a camera is broken, it may not work even if you use a suitable adapter and battery.

The voltage transforming type adapter cannot handle a large current, therefore you cannot use this type of adapter for products which require a large current.
If you are technically minded, you can measure the voltage transform adapter using a digital tester, put a 10Kohm resistance between the measurement terminals.

The list of cameras that this adapter works with is simply enormous, but if you are not sure then you can drop me a line and ask.


Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 50 g

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2 reviews for MR-9 Battery Adapter

  1. Richard Schires

    I just finished a DIY MR-9 adapter for use with a 357 battery. The arrangement does not work in a Hidden Super Pilot. The contact arrangement in the meter actually shorts out the battery. Requires a larger negative terminal surface.

  2. Daron (verified owner)

    No issues with quick draining batteries anymore and works perfectly. So worth it

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