Cura Denim sashiko cleaning pouch set


The perfect pouch for photographers. Comes with a high grade cleaning kit from Cura and plenty of space to store essentials whilst on the move. Made in Japan from Japanese denim. Two colour-ways available.



Presenting the Cura Denim Sashiko Style cleaning pouch set. This beautiful cleaning set comes in a Japanese Denim pouch. Made in Japan, this carries everything you might need for cleaning your gear but also a few extras when out and about.

This pouch is thin with a thickness of about 2 cm that does not get in the way even if you put it in your bag.  The newly released Kumano brush in the pouch, the much-talked-about cleaner liquid (15ml) that doesn’t leave wiping marks, and the much-talked-about special paper (50 sheets) are in the set. The pouch comes in a nice box so it is a perfect gift for photographers.

The paper pocket has a diagonal cut at the top so that you can easily take out the paper one by one, and there is a pocket (about 5 cm deep) for small items such as filters. The facing side has 3 pen pockets for cleaner bottles, brushes, cotton swabs, etc. In order to keep items that can fit on both sides clean, each side has a clear lid.

There are two color versions available, with a subtle colour highlight inside and out.

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Additional information

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Purple, orange

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