In your bag No: 1541 – Michael Dominic K.

In your bag No: 1541 – Michael Dominic K. MDK also sports a paternal hand-me-down in his photographic arsenal, check it out. Hello all, My name is Michael but most people call me MDK. I’m running, together with my wife, a kids fashion brand Pan Pantaloni ( It’s a relatively small family & friends business were […]

In your bag No: 1540 – Sergio Marcheselli

In your bag No: 1540 – Sergio Marcheselli Sergio is a Nikon purist. He wanted to “awaken emotions of the past” and went analog with this setup. Ciao JCH’s readers! My name is Sergio Marcheselli and I live near Mantova, in the north of Italy. I work as an employee but I dedicate so much of […]

In your bag No: 1539 – Thomas Florestan

In your bag No: 1539 – Thomas Florestan Thomas shows us the portable studio setup on his back. There’s even a little printer in there! Kia Ora from Geneva, Switzerland I’m from New Zealand originally but have been in Switzerland since last century. Like a lot of Kiwis, I get around and am lucky to travel […]

In your bag No: 1538 – Toro Elmar

In your bag No: 1538 – Toro Elmar Toro packs a lot of goodies into a nice, deceptively small bag. I use the same one when I cycle! This is my first time submit “In Your Bag”. My name’s Toro Elmar. Born and live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently work as Head of Graphic Design in […]

In your bag No: 1537 – Guillermo Sánchez-Villarta

In your bag No: 1536 – Guillermo Sánchez-Villarta Guillermo shows us how he balances AF/MF and 35/50mm lenses in a minimal yet handsome kit. Hi there, JCH readers! My name is Guillermo and I’m a spanish guy who lives in Germany, works in Holland and travels the world every chance he gets. I’m also a […]

In your bag No: 1536 –  James Valls

In your bag No: 1535 – James Valls James is taking a breather from life and explores the alleys of Kolkata with this setup. I’m James Valls, Spanish photographer based in Oxford currently spending a month in Kolkata. No project or goals for this trip, just discovering the city and hopefully, discovering myself a little […]

In your bag No: 1535 –  Thomas Archer

In your bag No: 1535 – Thomas Archer Thomas discovered photography recently and became an analog purist; check out his go-to setup. I am a new photographer, taking pictures in earnest for only about 6 months. That being said, I have been painting (oil, acrylics, mud, cement, etc.) for many years and love all creative outlets! […]

In your bag No: 1534 –  David Okine

In your bag No: 1534 – David Okine David checks in from Luxembourg and shares his optimized multimedia setup on the go. My name is David Okine and I’m from Luxembourg, Europe. I’m 26 years old and mainly a guitar player/musician but since the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 I really got into […]

In your bag No: 1533 –  K. Adam White

In your bag No: 1533 – K. Adam White K. Adam has a comprehensive kit that includes some Magnum hand-me-downs, check it out.  Hello! My name is K. Adam White, and I’m a web application programmer based in Boston in the US. Photography was the one visual medium I never really understood or practiced while growing […]

In your bag No: 1532 –  Devon Salyer

In your bag No: 1532 – Devon Salyer Devon balances high fashion with low budget in his kit of choice for checking out the latest in space tech. I’m Devon Salyer and I am an event photographer/videographer in Alabama. Here’s the bag that I took to NASA at the Park last week. Nikon N6000 with 28mm […]