Q1: Who are you? 

Q2: What is your favorite way to waste money?

Q3: What do you consider the most underrated virtue? 

Q4: When are you happiest? 

Q5: What did your first kiss feel like? 

Q6: Where is home?

Q7: Which body parts (yours or otherwise) do you feel the most affection for? 

Q8: What is your favorite vice?

Q9: How do you define childhood? 

Q10: What is your favorite time of day?

Q11: Who is your favorite person?

Q12: What is the most important thing in any relationship?

Thank you for your responses, Katsumi!

Met Katsumi at his group show with previous visual interviewee Nuts Tokyo at Place M in Shinjuku. Like his responses above, his section of that show too mostly entailed his European photos that really carry a warmth that you don’t come across a lot in travel photography. But in general just great portraiture. Check his Instagram here.


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