Here is is, in the flesh. The Rollei 35af from Mint camera. I am so excited that I can barely keep it together. This is a real camera, not a dummy model. I managed to get my hands on the only working prototype, which I will be able to play with for about a week. In this video I share the camera with you and answer a few questions about the camera. In my excitement I didn’t manage to get through all of the details, but I will be shooting with it over the next week and will post a video with more details.

Some corrections: The camera does have a light meter, it will have focus lock, the lens is all glass and the price will be $799. Forgive me, I was very excited and I only had a couple of hours with the camera at the time. A more in depth review will come as soon as I have figured out how to edit videos.

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Lots of the viewers have been asking me to upload the videos to the JCH Youtube Channel, which you are supposed to be able to do through the app. But that doesn’t seem to work. So I have started recording the Instagram Live videos on another device to upload on to youtube for you all. I really hope you enjoy them and can join us for a chat sometime. You get to hear me rambling, bitching and answering questions. Enjoy.


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