IN YOUR BAG: 1737 – Euan Shields

For this week’s installment of “In Your Bag” we have Euan! That 200 ft of Fujfilm Super Presto 1600…wow! Read more below:

Hi, my name is Euan shields. I’m currently a university student studying editorial and advertising photography in the UK.  My bag is rather bland but it holds some rather nice goodies inside.

The Bag

The bag is a Lowepro Tahoe BP 150 which I got from a friend for free. It does the job but doesn’t win any design awards.

Leica M7 – My baby which I nicknamed, “phantom noir.” I had it reskinned with a Aki Asahi leatherette and the red dot blacked out. On it is a 28mm Elmarit ASPH v2 as well as b+w orange filter.

Leica SF24D – I am a sucker for a bit of flash now and then and this one is so easy and lightweight to carry.

Fujifilm Natura S – This is a camera that flys under the radar a bit. I love the crazy fast lens on this little pocket rocket. It’s a 24mm f1.9 and is great for everything I found. I tend to put high speed films in this one to take advantage of the NP (natural photo) mode.

35mm film – I tend to always bring a mixture of film when I’m out and about. I bulk load a lot of film to keep costs down, I’ve been super lucky to have 200ft of Fujifilm Neopan 1600 which I shot religiously for a year. Sadly only a handful of canisters remain. Kodak double X has been my new favourite film, I love the contrast it has when used in Rodinal. Tri-X finishes out my film supply and is most often shot at 3200 for that crunchy grain.

The other random bits are my leatherman Wave plus which is my multitool of choice. There’s also a spare b+w uv filter when I don’t need the orange one.

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