PhotoKlassik International is now SilvergrainClassics

Since getting its funding 18 months ago, Photoklassik magazine has become the leading film photography magazine worldwide. With news, reviews and some outstanding contributors (including yours truly), it has quickly earned its place as the go to film photography magazine. But as 2020 rolls in it is time for a change, and Photoklassik is changing its name to SilvergrainClassics.

2020 seems to be a good year for new beginnings: a new decade, new developments throughout the film industry, and a new name for our print journal about the entire world of analog photography.


PhotoKlassik International is now SilvergrainClassics! But let me reassure everyone right away that the quality and nature of the content has not changed, only the name!

Along with the rest of the industry, we are transforming to better fit the needs of the analog community.  When we started eighteen months ago, we weren’t even sure if our Kickstarter would be funded and were happy to build on the existing expertise of partners from the German PhotoKlassik.  We had even planned to have a small percentage of common content.  However, it quickly became clear that our growing readership would be truly international— over 50 countries and counting— and our content needed to be weighted to fit our global audience.


As we found our footing and gained experience and insights, we noticed that PhotoKlassik International had found its own identity apart from its namesake in Germany.  At the same time, we were looking to find a distribution partner who could help us reach a broader base and get the publication into brick and mortar bookstores.

While working on this transition, we heard variations on the same comment again and again.  “We already have PhotoKlassik,” in reference to the German magazine.  “Why should I get it in English? Is there a difference?”  There were also mix-ups with email contacts, social media posts, and website searches.

It became clear that we needed to cut the apron strings, as it were, and name our own brand.  Fortunately, choosing a name wasn’t difficult since the other leg of our operation is the SilvergrainStudioLab and the brand SilvergrainClassics existed before we started PhotoKlassik International.  Our workshop series will also be carried on under the name Silvergrain Academy.

Our new website is up and running:

The site is not only the best place to buy SilvergrainClassics, but we have also started a blog and will be building a databank with manuals for cameras and other gear.  And it is the place to find all the information about our studio, lab, and workshops!

The transition to our new online shop will take a few more weeks, but orders will still be processed promptly through our existing shop.  All links are at

We are looking forward to the new decade and to the future of film!

Congratulations to SilvergrainClassics for making something so wonderful for us all.