In your bag No: 1667 – Francisco Campos

Francisco doesn’t need to sacrifice quality for portability with this simply svelte setup.

Hello! My name is Francisco, I’m an architect from Mexico City, but I mostly teach for the time being. Photography has been my true passion since forever and I am happy to share with everyone what I use everyday.

I began shooting film years ago because it was way cheaper than buying a decent digital camera (of course back then cameras and lenses were cheap too), I began shooting mostly black and white but changed to color this past year.  Now I own a little lab to develop and scan and to help the Mexican film community grow.

This is what I normally take out on the street:

  • an old bag, gets the work done, nothing fancy. I don’t know the brand, found it in a small store in Mexico City.
  • My Mamiya 6 with a 50mm lens (it has a Tiffen black pro mist filter). My go to camera. I changed to #120not120mm format a while ago and wanted a compact camera to go out on my long walks in the city. This was the perfect fit for me. The lens is spectacular.
  • Contax T2. Always wanted one, sold a lens for it, unfortunately, I got it after it became ultra popular so I probably overpaid for it, still, it’s amazing, small and the perfect companion for the Mamiya.
  • Two packs of Portra 800, my favorite film right now, I love that I can experiment so much with it.
  • Two rolls of dubblefilm Bubblegum 35mm film. Since I use the Contax for fun I tend to experiment more with the film I use, and dubblefilm is really fun.
  • A Spanish edition Perfume, I always carry a book when I decide to take a break.
  • A Dragon Ball notebook, love it, I use this for work and to take notes.
  • Some glasses, they actually are prescription.
  • A little brush to clean the lens after I take it out of the bag.

As you can see nothing out of the ordinary here, this works for me and I love this cameras so much! Some things inside my bag may change from time to time but I try not to leave my house without my two cameras.

I normally don’t post pictures of my work on Instagram, I don’t really use it as a medium to publish what I do, I tend to keep them for myself or my friends, but here it is anyway:

Hope it wasn’t too boring, but if anyone reading this comes to Mexico City contact me for a nice chat and a photowalk around the lovely Mexican streets.

Thank you JCH and everyone reading!



Thanks for sharing with us your bag shot Francisco. That black pro mist filter is awesome isn’t it?

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