In your bag No: 666, Sic Pater Mendacii
Well, todays bag came to me through means that I don’t fully understand. All I know is, when I went to write this post, it was already written for me…

Pleased to meet you, guess you know my name. I am the adversary, and I am here to show you that you are wrong. My photography is better than yours, and my gear proves it. I don’t need that outdated rubbish that you all seem to hang on to like some old fool and his belief that everyone is good.
I am everywhere, and in everything. I take all the shots that you wish you could take. But I can help you, if you want. You just need to call my name and I will be there, for a price…
I have no need for a bag, I can take all I need in my hands:

Camera: Fujifilm XE-1
I like Fujifilm, they have the right idea. Getting people to buy into something because it looks in some way familiar. They definitely think like me.

Computer: Macbook
My old mate Steve gave me this. Oh how we have had some laughs about these things, I can tell you.

Trash: All that film crap
Really? Do you seriously think that this can be saved? I tell you, you lot always peg for the wrong team. Bloody idiots and your love of silver.

No need for a website. I shall be seeing all of you at some point anyway.

And that was all that I found. I tried to delete the post, but it told me that my drive was corrupted and it could not be deleted. It said something about if I need assistance I should go to my local Genius Bar, located in Hades, 7th level.