In your bag No: 1653 – Josh McGuigan

Josh may be “knee high to a grasshopper” as they say but totes a maturely minimal analogue pack.

Hello everybody in the film community! My name is Josh and I am a 14 year old film photographer from Auckland, New Zealand. I enjoy shooting film more than anything, which takes many people by storm, as no one expects someone of my age to be into this kind of stuff.

Anyway, when shooting I keep my bag as minimal and as lightweight as possible, so I can focus on the photo, not what I’m taking the photo with. I like a bag that is a little bigger than it needs to be, so I can fit a water bottle etc. in there if I want. For this I use the National Geographic NG A2560 Messenger bag. It has space for everything, with a little bit of extra space for if I want a digital camera etc. Inside of the bag I like to keep a fully manual setup, and the only batteries that should be in there should be for the in-camera light meter!

I use a Nikon FM2 for my main film camera, which I enjoy shooting with, however I wish it was a little bit smaller, maybe closer to the size of a Leica M6, as people don’t really appreciate you sticking a camera this big in their face. The lens I use on the FM2 is the Nikon 28mm f/2.8D. It’s 28mm focal length makes me get closer to my subject, which I really enjoy, because it makes the photo feel more personal. The f/2.8 aperture also makes it very easy to shoot in low light, provided the film stock that is being used is around ISO 3200.  

I use an Artist and Artisan strap on my FM2, which is nicer and more comfortable than any other strap I have every used. Along with this, I like to keep two extra rolls of film with me, one black and white, one colour. Thanks for having me on, this was fun to type up!  

My socials are here: Instagram – @joshmcguigan_  Twitter – @joshmcguigan__

Thanks for sending us your bag shot Josh. Hard to argue with your choices, are you self-developing as well?

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