In your bag No: 1649 – Gavin Bain

Gavin checks back in with an update on how his daily tote has been forced to evolve since changing addresses.

Good evening JCH readers. 

My name is Gavin Bain, a return submitter, residing in Townsville, Australia. Since my last submission I’ve changed some cameras (and updated some others), and my subject matter. 

In 2015, I moved from Sydney, Australia to Townsville, Australia to be with my then fiance’ now wife and I’ve always missed being able to head out and take street photos in the city because Townsville just plain doesn’t have one. In my spare time I study the work of other street photographers along the lines of Cartier-Bresson and John Free, and I also have a passion for conflict photographers along the lines of Giles Duley and Robert Capa. 

John Free said something in a video I watched along the lines of “being able to find something meaningful in your everyday life is the beauty of the craft”. I’m paraphrasing but it stuck with me. And the work of Anne Frank lead me to really strive to document the things I see in my daily life because if I stood there with my friend and we both captured the  same scene it would look vastly different. And that’s the fun of photography. What I see and how I choose to document it is different to how you would decide to and vise versa. 

In regards to my bag, I previously posted my 64’ Zorki 4 with an Industar 3.5. Since that submission it broke, so I’ve replaced it with a 57’ Zorki 4 with matching 57’ Jupiter 8. I’m also in an experimental kind of mood lately and trying different black and white film stocks. Right now I’m onto Kentmere 400 (Streetpan isn’t sold in my town and the Australian retailers are mostly sold out). I’ve also come into possession of the camera used by my grandma’s sister when we were kids, she passed away when I was a teenager, so I’m waiting for some Lomography film for that, but it comes with me as well. 


  • 1957 Zorki 4
  • Olympus XA 
  • Minolta 16-P
  • Kentmere Pan 400
  • Apple iPhone XR
  • Apple Watch
  • Innokin MVP4
  • Victorinex climber SAK

My handle on Instagram is @gavinbain

Thanks for sharing with us your recent bag shot Gavin. How you liking that Jupiter?

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