In your bag No: 1633 – Devon Salyer

Peep out the (really) oldies but goodies that Devon totes around everyday.

My name is Devon Salyer and I live in Huntsville, Alabama. Today I am sharing what’s in my weekend walk around bag.
  1. Kodak No2 Brownie Model E
At 100 years old, this is the oldest camera that I can shoot with. It produces large negatives meant for contact printing. I love using it with black and white. It has a light leak, but I find that it adds character.
  1. Graflex Pacemaker Speed Graphic 
I haven’t shot large format since 2009. My last experience with large format was very brief. I had to shoot two exposures for class. I focused on a school building and did the sunny sixteen rule. I should’ve done it right the first time.
Now that I am an adult, I have decided to teach myself how to shoot large format correctly. I got this Graflex for a nice price and I have enjoyed fiddling with it. I have nine 4×5 holders stocked with FP4. 
The strap on my Graflex dry rotted and dissolved, so I am using a neck strap as a  safety until I can get it repaired.
  1. Film
As mentioned above, I have my 4×5 holders stocked with FP4. I also have my JCH medium format film holder stocked with bar Black and White films.
  1. Ape Case Cubeze
I’m really digging the ape case. It helps me protect my gear in my normal backpack. Plus with the material being bright yellow, it is easy to find your stuff.
Not Pictured- Sunpack Video tripod
It’s a stupidly cheap tripod that I’ve had since college. I need to find a heavy duty one. I am able to strap it to my backpack and go.
Most of my work is on Instagram: @mrchristopherong. I’ve also recently started a channel on YouTube about my film photography life (, so please check it out!
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