In your bag No: 1624 – Marius Migles

Marius stylishly displays the tools of the trade that have earned the right to accompany him on crucial gigs.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say that it depends on the person taking it. And my main purpose as a professional wedding photographer is to express a billion words through every photo that I take, no matter the gear that I use. I have always guided my style after the idea that “Less is more” and I will stick to it for as long as I will be shooting. I believe that having the most expensive gear doesn’t guarantee you the best pictures. The most important elements are, in my opinion: creativity, attention to detail and the capacity to adapt to any situation, light, movement and so on. It’s true that the quality of the gear helps, but it is not in my top 3. Maybe 4th or 5th, after having a positive attitude.

When I participate in an event, I like to treat it the way I wish my photographer treated my own special event. That’s why, whether it is a wedding, a baptism, a civil wedding or any other kind of event, I am 110 percent there. Also, I can rely on the help of my partner (in business and in life) who is a passionate of photography and also a fast learner. At most events she comes with me, which is quite pleasant.

Since I discovered my passion of taking photos, I have done everything I could to follow this dream. Now, at 29, I am starting to actually live it. And I feel that every other event I go to, every special moment I get to shoot, brings me joy. It’s the kind of joy that comes from doing what you love, and I wish everyone could experience it. And because I want to also help other people who wish to practice professional photography, I created a blog where I post my opinions about gear, ways of shooting and more, but in the meantime I will present you my equipment:

Caden M5 Canvas Camera Backpack x1 – I love this backpack design, has a lot of pockets and it’s very durable.

Nikon D750 x1 – It’s a pleasure to have this camera in my hand, from an ergonomic point of view I have nothing to complain about. I’m confident I can do my job with this full frame DSLR from Nikon.

Nikon D3300 x1 – My back-up camera to any event. It’s very easy to carry around and its master is my partner.

Nikon L35AF2 x1 – It’s usually loaded with a new roll of film I’ve never tried, my favorite being Ektar 100 for landscape/cityscape pictures.

Nikon 85mm f/1.8 x1 – A perfect portrait lens, it allows a very unique look that is not possible with another zoom lens. It may look slightly soft at f/1.8, but starting with f/2.2 it can be so sharp it can cut through butter.

Nikon 50mm f/1.4 x1 – I photograph quite rarely with this lens, usually holding it in the bag as my back-up or on the secondary camera. I use it when the space is small and I have to take portrait photos, it always surprises me that it’s very sharp starting from f/1.4.

Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 G2 x1 – My run-and-gun lens, probably my most used lens, this is also visible on its surface where there are a few marks. I’m surprised by the build quality of the new Tamron G2 lenses.

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