In your bag No: 1592 – Luís Barros

Luís has that Latin passion for the gear in his everyday bag and who can blame him.

Hello everyone. My name is Luís Barros, I’m from Lisbon, Portugal, I’m 52 years old and I shoot food for a living. That means that professionally I’m stuck with digital cameras, since my work is published in books and magazines. As for everything else I shoot now, for the cheer pleasure of it, I’m back to the analogue world. And It feels so damn good. Peaceful. To be truthfully, I never knew I missed it so much.

Right now, this are my babes. Each one with a lens I love immensely, ready to go on each specifically  occasion. All loaded with color film, I learned to love during the last months. Yes, Tri-X 400 is on stand-by for now.

The Olympus XA is my every day camera. I never go out without it. Always in my pocket. Always ready. Always so silent and light. A fabulous piece of engineering, packed with an amazing 35mm F2.8 Zuiko glass. I bow before Maitani-san.

Talking about Maitani, I just love my Olympus 2 Spot-Program, with the 28mm F2.8 Zuiko lens. It’s my choice when I want to shoot wide-angle. Love all the modes, the camera design is fabulous and the metering never lets me down. So small and light for an SLR. An amazing little one, even when it sucks batteries like crazy (never forget to take out the LR44 combo when I stop using it) …

When I feel the need to gain some arm muscles, I go out with my Pentax 645, with its 75mm F2.8 kit lens. Not only is one of the best deals regarding medium-format cameras, as produces some amazing 6X4.5 shots. Excellent for portraits.

Last but not least, the Contax G1. My heart always beats faster every time I put my eyes on it. It’s beautiful.  Really, really beautiful. A joy to touch and use (if you forget about manual focus, of course). And on top of it… the Contax lenses. Oh my God. Pure perfection. In my case, the 90mm F.2.8 Sonnar is always ready for the moments I feel the need to shoot some steps back from my “targets”. Some people complain about the G1 having problems with this lens and the auto-focus. To tell you the absolute truth, I rarely missed a shot with it. Amazing.

As for the bag, it’s an old Columbia that my wife adapted as an camera bag. Love it. Inside, rolls and rolls of color film. The essential dust blower. And my little black book, for everything that comes to my mind in-between clicking the shutter.

Thank you so much for checking my gear!

Luís Barros


Thanks for sending us your bag shot Luís. Love your enthusiasm, and it takes some mad skills to never miss a shot on the G1 ;)

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