In your bag No: 1517 – Omi Choudhary

Omi shares with us how an oldie but goodie suits him for living the nomadic life.


My name is Omi, i’m 21 and I (temporarily) live in a Prius, yes, a Toyota Prius; saved up a bit to drive around NZ (also my home country) for a while, going places no one (probably) has. Taking portraits for farmers and on-the-go tutoring usually pays for a meal and petrol.

I don’t have any fancy nor the latest gear; 5D2 (not in the image) with a 40/2.8 on it 99 percent of the time and a Uniomat which has a fixed 45/2.8 for film, one’s from 10 years ago, the other from 60-ish, both on which i keep a hair-band around the lens, as i have long and luscious hair. They have gone through hell and back, especially the 5D2, it’s been drenched in rain, dropped in snow and down a rocky hill, yet in great condition. Albeit, even as technology advances and we get 50mp sensors with 4k video, the 5D2 surpasses my thresholds for stills and video whilst being built like a a titanium case..sealed by Hephaestus. The Uniomat, usually paired with an hp5 or tri-x and is (mostly) my night-lurking camera, it works in EV stops instead of manual controls for exposure.

The Apple machine with the old Apple logo sticker you see is an rmbp 13″ from 2013, a big workhorse of a computer that also has been dropped in several locations yet runs and looks like nearly new; i’m clumsy with devices. Alongside it is a WD 1tb external-hdd used for main data storage.

The notebook may say “photography” notes but now it’s just sketches and scribbles for sleepless nights. iPad Mini 3 serves as an offline device, for maps, music and whatnot sided with the iPhone 5S for the basic phone needs. No i’m no Apple fan but they’ve lasted me longer than any alternatives. The other thing is my wallet, very light-weight (heh), keep it to carry my licence and just in case i stumble upon a job.

All of this packed in a Lowepro 500 AW, a hefty bag that’s usually at the back if not with me on a hike. 

Otherwise life in a Prius as a photographer is swell, it’s a comfy and a rather spacious car and unbelievably fuel-efficient. 


Thanks for sharing your gear with us, Omi.  Your farmers project sounds really interesting, best of luck on that!

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