Camera geekery: Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 i-Type Camera 

Is this a glitch in the matrix? Almost a decade since they bid adieu to the instant film and camera they became synonymous with, Polaroid is finally back with the OneStep 2 i-Type and new instant film. Well, technically it’s produced by The Impossible Project, as we all know the company that started the grassroots campaign to preserve Polaroid’s instant film in the face of a relentless digital assault.

Of course there’s been many alternatives to the instant film game since, but all somehow lacked the brand recognition and the cool, hip aura of Polaroid many moons ago.  In conjunction with Polaroid’s 80th anniversary, this release is the long-awaited fruit of The Impossible Project’s labor when it purchased Polaroid’s equipment, reverse-engineered the film and tossed a life raft to those treading water with classic Polaroid instant cameras.

Name value? Check. Retro form factor? Check. Real-sized Polaroids you can actually see? Check. Pure analog bliss? Check.

Ordered mine and i can’t wait till mid-Oct when it arrives. For about $100 USD, it’s looking like a great affordable option to introduce to a new generation of photographers a blast from the past that’s true to it’s roots.  A lot of retro reboots stem from pure trends, but this icon of 20th century visual history should rekindle a joy not exactly experienced for a long time.

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