In your bag No: 1486 – Gavin Go
Gavin revisits us with a new setup, sharing as part of catharsis after a family tragedy. Check out this beautiful mix of gear.

I just feel like writing as so much has happen to me since my last submission.  Im surely in mid life crisis and I lost my father to cancer last November 2016.

The M7 is still there and I have added an M9. No Leica glass here as my 28 Elmarit just got an OH at Kanto and expecting to get it when I go Japan before month end. That will have a brass focus knob which is cool.
On this business trip in Italy Im focusing on using the M9 for most of the pictures non work related and Sony Rx100M3 for work.  It is working quite well.
On the flip side, the M7 becomes the backup camera. Because this trip is really work and jumping from city to city with jet lag Im not inspired to load even a roll of film just yet. Im at a crossroads where I like to force myself to love digital and Leica seems to have given this to me.
I have removed the leather case for the M9 because I am sure this one is not going anywhere and I love it to eventually have that brassing.
2 lenses
Voigtlander 35f14 and Zeiss 50 Planar.
To be honest I regret bringing the M7 this time. I need to cut my bag load and workflow.
A unique thing about this trip is that looking for a used camera shop is not anymore some sort of a priority.  Im not that excited anymore.  I want to take pictures more and share it through social media.  I want to be criticized on the pictures I take to improve my skill.  My instagram from having so much gear pictures now has more photographs and Im loving it more.
This is not a film bag and more of a digital work bag.  Im definitely getting some Leica glass in the future another 28 and a 50 for sure.
@gavingo2000 for twitter and instagram

Gavin Go

Thanks for coming back to us, Gavin.
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