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Get Featured: Ka Wing Falkena
Todays project is all shot on well pushed Tri-X and on the streets of Amsterdam. Check it out.

The last few years I’ve done a couple of projects, but the biggest project of them all (which will probably never be finished) is documenting the streets of Amsterdam. To be specific, four (shopping) streets in the centre of Amsterdam. I started this project, because I was interested to see what kind of people would be walking these streets everyday. First I was afraid that it would be mostly tourists, but I’ve noticed that there is a very nice mix between people from outside of Amsterdam and people who have been living there their whole lives. 

I’m a Dutch photographer from Amsterdam. The photos I shoot on the street are mostly shot with my beat-up Leica M4-2, which is sadly broken at the moment. Almost all the photos are taken with Kodak 400 Tri-X film, pushed to iso 1600. For every project I want to create a consistent look, and I really like the look of pushing that film two stops.

Please check out more of my photos on my Instagram (kawingf) or my website: I hope you like the photos and thank you for all those years of having a great website! 

Kind regards,

Ka Wing Falkena Photography




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6 comments on “Get Featured: Ka Wing Falkena”

    Lee Webb March 22, 2017 at 6:35 pm / Reply

    I really like the vintage feeling you’ve got with these. The guy with his finger in his mouth looks pretty gangster. :) Think the girl in the striped coat is my favourite shot though. The shadows and make-up on her face / eyes are great.

    Is the amount of space above people’s heads on the portrait ones a deliberate style choice? If I saw one of these images by itself I’d think it could have used some cropping but it actually becomes something I like when it’s a theme running through your work.

    Keep shooting anyway. :)

    Larry March 22, 2017 at 11:41 pm / Reply

    Nice photos! People often make the most interesting subjects.

    Ka Wing Falkena March 23, 2017 at 6:00 pm / Reply

    @leewebb and @larry: thanks for the comments!

    @leewebb i can get kind of obnoxiously puristy about cropping the frame. I tend to think that the frame I shot is the frame I shot and that’s it and when it’s not the way I like it then I have to do better next time. Maybe I’m being harsh on myself, but that’s the way I’m learning I guess.

    Dan Diaz March 25, 2017 at 10:40 am / Reply

    @Ka Wing Falkena – Amazing shots! Had to make a double take on the Hugging shot. Do you ask for there permission before shooting or you just shoot away? I’m kinda having a hard time shooting strangers. I would love to improve in this aspect as I like to capture their story in a photo.

    And please if you have spare time check this out;
    would love to hear your thoughts on it. Thank you so much!

    Ka Wing Falkena March 26, 2017 at 3:12 am / Reply

    @DanDiaz Thank you for the nice comments! When I started doing street photography, I thought it was difficult too to get close to people I don’t know and take a photo of them. A friend of mine, and a great photographer also (Maarten van der Kamp, check his photos), once said (I’m paraphrasing here): If I see photo, no one is going to take that photo for me. If I want it, I have to take it myself. And I totally agree, you just have to do it. The more you do it, the more you will let go of your fear of approaching strangers.

    Oh and to answer your question: no, I have never asked someone I have the permission to take their photo. The magic of capturing that precise moment I’m seeing will be gone by then.

    And I’ve also checked out your photos. I really like photos where I see people look both lonely and comfortable at the same time. People who aren’t really focussing on the reality in front of them at that moment. That’s why I like your photo of that person in the tree and the kid on the ground.

    I also think it’s interesting that your photos look kind of yellowish and very grainy. Do you develop the negatives yourself? Most of my photos are shot on Tri-X pushed to 1600 as well and they look less grainy to my eyes. Ah well, thanks again and keep taking photos!

    Matt McLean March 28, 2017 at 4:06 pm / Reply

    Hi, I love your work, especially the one with the dress!

    My question to you is; do you develop these photos yourself, and if so, can you talk us through your method?

    keep up the good work!

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