Get Featured: Jyh Hern
Jyh has shared his bag shots with us in the past, and has now decided to share some work with us too. A quick project, shot over 24 hours in Singapore. Check it out.

Hi, I have had the pleasure to have been on this site before with 2 of my bag shots – I might come back for another, my bag’s changed since then as well – but now its high time for me to show what I do with the stuff in my bag.

This project is actually part of a larger project, an effort to document 24 hours in Singapore, but I am a little too impatient to wait till that is properly released, so here is my own small contribution.

I was out and about at midnight, a time when most sane people would be fast asleep, trying my hardest not to choke on the fishy stench and skipping over puddles of melted ice and fish scales, dodging the many pallet jacks loaded with Styrofoam boxes filled with the freshest catch from the boats.
Yes, I was documenting a day’s (or night’s) work at the Jurong Fishery Port.

A little bit of information: the Jurong Fishery Port is a wholesale market which opens from 12 midnight to about 6am, with it being the busiest between 1am to 4am. Foreign fishing vessels dock and offload their fishy goodies to be marketed and distributed wholesale to supermarkets, restaurants and private clients.

The whole experience was somewhat of a sensory overload, resulting in me having to shoot fast and move after the shot or a dock worker would run me over with his cart. I was frankly being pushed to my limit at this point, running on dregs of coffee from my thermos flask, trying to focus through a splitting headache and getting frankly quite fed up with the slow shutter speeds my Nikon 28Ti’s matrix metering was telling me. My M3 shot like a charm though, never let me down throughout the night and was an absolute pleasure.

At one point, things got so hectic that I was having to dual wield the cameras, keeping the 28Ti dangling from a wrist strap ready to replace the M3 for a wider shot.

I think I managed to capture the liveliness, the seafood and most importantly, the people running the show. Worth the sleep deprivation after? I have no doubts about that.

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Thanks for sharing your work with us, Jyh. I love fish markets, there is so much going on.
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