In your bag No: 1437, louisguilty
A very handsome bag for us all today. Louisguilty has been kind enough to show us both inside and out of the bag. And although shoes don’t really count, they add a nice touch. Check it out.

My first experience with film was 20 plus years ago, with a Nikon FE and some Nikkors I got in a trade. I really enjoyed taking pictures with the camera, but eventually sold it for a Fender guitar.

The photography bug bit me again +/- 4 years ago when my first daughter was born and I felt obliged to have a decent camera around. In came a Fuji X100 and with it, memories of my old Nikon and good ol’ Kodak days.

FF>> to today. The Fuji stays at home with the family and film cameras walk with me again around (usually) Lisbon, inside this bag.

F-stop Millar Tijuana. The Batman of camera backpacks. A regular backpack on the front with a roomy camera compartment concealed on the back – I could fit all the equipment shown here inside of it and more, though I never carry all the cameras at the same time.

Leica M2, Elmar 5cm 3.5 and Voigtlander Color Skopar 35mm 2.5 II. The body was in desperate need of care when I got it, with ripped curtains, broken vulcanite etc. The Elmar is still going strong despite the age and the Voigtlander takes over when I fell like going wider. Sunny 16 completes the kit.

Summicron-C 40mm(shaved to bring the 35mm framelines) and Leica M6. The lens came first and it´s my favorite. The M6 body I couldn’t resist, an early Wetzlar from 1985 bought in excellent +++ condition with original case, strap and papers. Great match.

Nikon FM. Bought to scratch my old Nikon FE itch. With the Tamron Adaptall 28mm 2.5 lens, I bought it for the total sum of 22€ on eBay, Battle scarred and needing new foams but otherwise fully working. The lens have some character to it and is very useable from f5.6 on.

Hama Film-Safe X. Supposedly, it protects film from airport X-ray scans. Maybe? Filled with Tri-X, Superia 200 and 400.
Film cannisters filled with silica gel cat litter. Cheap way to absorb some moisture in the bag.
Camper sneakers. I love them, very comfortable.

My pictures, mostly street stuff:

Thank you,


Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Louis. That is a really nice setup you have there.
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