In your bag No: 1353, Brett Franklin
Today we have a sweet setup to kick off the weekend with. Brett is a returnee, and this time he shares with us not only his awesome travel bag, but his love for Soul and Funk records. Check it out.

Hi, my name is Brett Franklin from Sheffield, England, i’m a returnee too this excellent site (, this is my current set up for a week long trip to Barcelona (Feb 2016).
I’m happy to shoot both digital and film, both have differing advantages for me. I currently develop my black and white film, mainly Kodak Tri-X 400, Kodak T-Max 400, Fomopan 200 amongst others, I then scan with an Epson V550. I’m at peace and feel an empathy with shooting on the streets, my other passion is collecting old Soul and Funk records, which via deejaying takes me too various cities in the UK and abroad, this allows me to explore many eclectic places and indulge in my photography.

So the bag is an Ona Bowery, for the trip i’m taking my much loved Leica CL/ Rokkor 40mm f/2, usually packed with Tri-X and set for zone focusing, my digital stealth machine the original Fuji X100 Black with spare batteries and a spare 16GB SDHC card. lastly the Leica Minilux, I love the sharp Summarit 40mm lens, i’ve no problem with the tiny viewfinder, its built in flash is good for any close night time action.
Accessories are my Weston Master V, just in case of tricky lighting or a battery failure in the Leica CL, IPhone 6 with black Apple leather case, Ray Ban Reactolite glasses, Ray Ban cleaning cloth, Lenspen, Black Moleskine and clip on ball point (for any moments of creativity that I need to record), pencil, Swiss Army knife, John Rocha leather wallet, Anker portable battery charger for IPhone and lastly but not least the fabulous Japan Camera Hunter film case packed with Kodak Tri-X 400 and Fomopan 200 B/W.
Thanks for this great site, it continues too engage me every time.

My Flickr link..

My Mixcloud page for any Soul/Funk fans.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us again, Brett. Nice to see the film case getting out and about. Many thanks for your support.

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