In your bag No: 1345, Brad G
Brad shares with us a fantastic bag. A couple of simple and modern classics, a cool meter and my personal favourite, an olive Domke bag. Very cool stuff. Come and check it out.

I am Brad G, a hobbyist street photographer from Sydney, Australia. I only picked up a camera about 18 months ago – a DSLR and only found my ‘genre’ that stuck about 12 months ago, before that it was a bit scatter-gun. I am passionate about illustrating life though the emotion displayed by people out and about. My kit has evolved to reflect that.

From the DSLR, I wanted something smaller, so sold that and picked up a second hand NEX-6. The E-mount lenses are too expensive and I find the attraction of mirrorless is really the array of legacy lenses out there. Eventually though working as hard on my PP as actual photography it dawned on me I was really trying to establish a film look on digital, so once I was satisfied I had taken that far, the next natural step was to film! 

Current setup

Domke f-5xb; this is the perfect bag for the street. Unassuming, spacious and trustworthy in rain, it holds just enough but not too much. 

NEX-6; “only’ 16mp, but plenty for me. The right size to be discreet and old enough now that if it gets banged about a bit, its fine.

Fujian 35mm 1.7; this is my go-to lens for the NEX. It is as cheap as it is epic. My creative philosophy is to try to avoid the mainstream as far as possible and hence I am not interested in Leica or other ‘premium’ lenses. Due to random build quality, no two Fujian’s are the same. Stopped down to f8 (ish, there are no markings on the barrel) you get a clear central image portion and am amazing cine-bokeh radiating outwards. No other lens I have seen replicates this. Bargain of the century for $20.

Bessa-R; this is my current go-to film body. It is perfect for my needs though despite being looked down on by gear forums – probably the cheapest manual film body that is quality and flies under the radar as it doesn’t have legions of fanboys lusting over it, driving the price upwards. Not the quietest thing in the world due to it actually being a DSLR foundation, but I like it nevertheless. The bare bones meter is handy too for when I am too lazy to use my Sekonic.

Jupiter-8 50mm 2.0; my go-to lens for the Bessa. Cheap as chips and impressive IQ and bokeh too. 

Voigtlander Color-Skopar 35mm 2.5; my other switchable lens for either the NEX or the Bessa. Without a doubt, my most expensive piece of equipment, only so as there are no compact 35mm lenses in legacy mounts! :)

Sekonic lightmeter, although now I am learning Sydney light more by eye alone.

Spare battery

Film (Ilford Pan 400 atm)

Notebook and pen

Happy new year! Checkout my stuff on flickr at 

Brad G

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Brad. That is a cracking setup. You are right about the Bessa R too. A great value rangefinder.
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