In your bag No: 1334, Paul From Romania
What is it with you guys and knives? Paul has an interesting bag for us. At 16 years old, he is young, but has a fascinating bag, and a fascinating story about how photography has completely changed his life. Check it out.

My name is Paul and I am from Romania. I am 16 years old and I make photography for 1 year. I started photography because I was in a big depression. I was a “street” boy and I did all kind of bad things with bad entourage. Now I am good, photography made me like this and I have a new whole perception of life.
I don’t have pretty much school and I will not go into details about my past, if I want a bright future I also need to forget my past. With photography I also started to study psychology, science and philosophy. This gave me a whole new way to see the environment around me and photography helped me. I think all of them complementing each other. So I recently started to make a book. A book about my life and also about my pictures. It is like an autobiography with photos.
My study is surrealism and I like to travel a lot. I travel in strange places. I like to travel into poor people places, ethnicities places and help them(
ethical help). They can’t afford the luxury of photos and prints and history of their family and important events of their life. I am honored that I can do this. I like to think that I warm their heart somehow. This is me.

Now my bag:

-Macbook Pro Retina 2015 13”. I find it right  for travel. It have a really nice display, it is small and light. I just like it.

-Sony Z Ultra. I like it because it is big for an phone(6.4”) and I like it for a quick see my photos.

-Polaroid 636 Close Up. I often photograph people so it is nice to show them immediately

-Olympus MJU II. This camera is great, I often use it. It is small, fast, light, it have a really sharp lens and it is ergonomic.

-Seagull 4a. A cheap medium format camera. I rarely use it but it is fine. If you make the focus right it is really good.

-Nikon D7100 with 18-55mm kit lens that I made this photo

-Leica IIIa with Elmar 50mm 3.5. This was my secound film camera. I am emotionally attached. I am pretty alone and I often called it my friend. It was just me, she and the circumstances. It also helped me to past over the depression.

-Nikon F2 with 28mm 2.8 AI-s. This is my everyday combo. I am also emotionally attached to it. It is a camera from a really good friend that helped me a lot. It is rugged and pro.

-Yashica T4. Which is not in this photo.

-A knife. I know it is big but it just help me in some circumstances. Knives were made for utilities.

-Cables, a lot of them.


-The bags are: Lowepro Nova Sport 17l aw wich is rugged and good enough and an ordinary bag.


This is all. Thanks a lot and I hope you like it. This is all I collected in one year and I think it is all i need. 



And my book will come soon, this is the best way to show my photos because it is more deep and sensitive. I put on Facebook and Instagram only my mediocre photos because I just don’t like to post them like this. I want that my photos be sensitive and I am also a thoughtful person.

Happy Holidays,


Thanks for sharing your bag, and your story with us, Paul. It takes a great deal of courage to break away from a bad situation. I am very happy to hear that photography has helped to give you a more positive outlook on life. Keep up the good work.
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