In your bag No: 1307, Stefan Lister
Stefan was on the site a while back with a seriously epic bag. And now he is back, with something even more epic, if that is even possible. It is not often we get large format bags, and I love it when we do. Check out this beauty.

First off, thanks for featuring my bag a year ago!  I was No: 1036

I’ve got another bag to share with you, and it’s a sizable one.  It took me a while, but I found something to pack my 8×10 field camera in.  It also has ample space for the accessories, film holders, and even a couple smaller cameras.  While I have several bags for different load-outs, this is my 8×10 large format carry.


This military style bag is made by Voodoo Tactical and it’s perfect for 8×10.  The camera easily fits inside, and there is a laptop slot that nicely accommodates 3 film holders too.  The bag itself is meant to carry a rifle, but I find it holds a tripod just as well.  For such a large bag, it’s actually quite comfortable and accommodates Velcro patches on the exterior.


Tachihara 8×10 Cherry Wood Field Camera with Nikkor-W 300mm f/5.6 Lens

Nikon FA with Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 Lens and Langly Paracord Strap

Polaroid 340 Land Camera for shooting Fuji FP-100C and FP-3000B


Pentax 5.5x Loupe

Fidelity Elite Film Holder

Ray Ban Aviator Classic [Green]

Vintage Kodak 35mm Film Canisters

Manfrotto Tripod with Xpro 3-Way Head

CAF Identity Discs

After shooting 4×5 sheet film for several years I couldn’t help but make the jump to 8×10 and thus complete the whole spectrum of standard format film cameras that starts with 35mm (does anyone really care about 110?). Honestly, I feel that medium format is the best balance between image quality and convenience… but sometimes you just need to throw convenience out the window and go BIG.  Then again, there are other times where 35mm is the only thing you’re able to carry.  For me, photography is a personal journey of discovery and I really enjoy shooting different films, formats, and cameras.

Most of my work is posted online at  It’s all film photography sorted by film type/brand.  Most of my content is from travelling and adventuring. I’ve also added some film rolls from my current training with the Royal Canadian Air Force.

In addition to my photography I’ve started making YouTube videos with an emphasis on shooting film.  I learnt so much from the photographic community online when starting out, it’s kind of my way of paying it back and creating content for all the film shooters out there.




Thanks Bellamy,


Thanks for sharing your bag with us again, Stefan. This one is truly wonderful. The cameras, the bag, everything. I like the videos too.
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