In your bag No: 1306, Angelo Partemi
What we have here is a semi-nomadic style bag. Angelo shares with us his bag from a recent move to San Francisco. A couple of great cameras and all you need for a day of shooting. Check it out.

Hello all,

I have recently relocated to the Bay Area, and these things are currently traveling with me through life.

Filson Medium Field Bag w/Filson Camera Insert – This bag is amazing.  

Hoffman Woolens Blanket – The Bay Area is an unpredictable microclimate, and I have low iron.

Leica M4 – I have been shooting this beater for about 6 months now. Mechanically perfect, this camera might stick around for a while. The Voigtlander meter is very handy; I have trust issues.

35mm Version 3 Summicron – This lens has been to hell and back, but the glass is excellent. It renders beautifully on film.

Contax Tvs – This highly underrated premium compact is with me at all times. I absolutely love this camera. It is perfect for a commute or a drunken night out in the city.

Rollei Film Case w/Ilford HP5+ – I have been pushing this film to 800 then stand developing for 2 hrs in 1+100 Rodinal. I am very pleased with the results, but the time it takes with a 2-roll tank is a pain in the ass. Definitely a spot in my workflow that could use some attention.

Grey and Red Meds Bag – I have a crazy obsession with putting things into small bags. This Goodwill find has been keeping me healthy for a while now.  

Dakine Wallet – I like Velcro in my wallet.

Moleskine Reporter – Nothing more important than the written record of that Spades game I played 4 months ago. 

Knife – In case any funny business pops-off, I am ready. Or, when I need to slice an apple.

16oz Nalgene – Hydration is great and this guy makes it happen without adding a ton of weight to my bag.

Re-useable Bag – Because the Earth is our friend, and I like things that stuff into themselves.

Keys – Someone thinks I am responsible.

Iphone 5 – A recent hand-me-down, the camera on this phone still surprises me.

Fun-Size Sharpie – This works perfectly for marking up film canisters. 

Kodak Pouch – Another Goodwill find; this guy holds my headphones and lens cleaning cloth.

Cheap Sunglasses – Scooped these up in Chinatown, and definitely not regretting that $6.

Business Card Holder – I don’t even have any damn business cards, but this personalized holder is pretty cool.

If you would like to check out my work, I am semi-social:

I prefer in-person meetings. If you are in the Bay Area, hit me up. 

Thank you Bellamy for creating such a wonderful community. We are all forever indebted to you.

Thank you to everyone for checking out my bag. 

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Angelo. A couple of lovely cameras you have there.
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