Christmas Shipping Bonus
Ho Ho Ho, your Jolly JCH is here. Having managed to generally avoid the run up to Xmas, now that it is December (already, wow) I can tell you about the shipping and special ‘Secret Santa’ deals I will be doing through to the end of the year.

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat, just like me after being chained to the desk for the last month. But enough about my exercise habits and more about work schedule.
Last year I did a gut off date for Xmas and it worked out quite nicely thankyourverymuch. So I would like to to the same again.
This year I will be shipping shop orders regularly up until the 18th of December. After this time I will be shipping less regularly and I cannot guarantee that your items will arrive in time for Xmas.
So, if you want some of my fine goods from the shop, please order them now or before the 15th to ensure that you will have them in time.

Plus as a nice Xmas bonus, any order with a value over 5000 yen in the shop will get a free roll of film with their order.

*Billy Mays voice* But wait, there is more. I have a ton of crap awesome stuff, that is cluttering up my office, so random orders might get an extra bonus too (t-shirts, stickers, straps, pins and god only knows what else). 

As for camera sourcing. I will continue to source right up until the 24th, and then I will have a couple of days rest (eating, sleeping, watching Bond whilst wearing a paper crown). Please understand though, that after the 20th it is unlikely you will get your camera in time for Christmas.

Find me a camera/lens/or anything really

And please keep on checking the current sale items as I will have lots of cool stuff, and if you give me some christmas cheer then I might even do free shipping.

Current Sale Items

Thanks for all of your support and understanding. I will do my best to get everything to you all in good time, but I am only human and currently working by myself until I find a replacement gopher.