In your bag No: 1276, George
George is an award winning photographer, and he has really put some work into this bag. A totally digital offering for you all today. Check it out.

Hi, i’m George from Athens, Greece.
I am an awarded Visual Artist / Art Director and photographer.
I usually work in studio on still life and product photography but i loved art and photography since i was a child. I started shooting with a CCCP Zenit with a 50mm Jupiter / f2. Then with Nikon and later on with a Canon F40 (All these as a child till 15)

I love to take long walks and trying to capture the essence of life. I am on an ongoing project called walkin “town”, it started with London, i am going to take it and to more places.
Other times i like to shoot something and then transform it through illustration.
Art for me is my life. It gives me purpose.

Once upon a time i was a dslr shooter, involved in Nikon and Canon but as far as i don’t do weddings or photojournalism i decided to change my system to the Sony RX1. WOW! Such a wonder of technology. I am using it 2 years now for my job and the only bad i find is the battery life. A few weeks ago i got in my hands a Fuji xe1, so i gave it a try in my vacation. All these in my beloved Wotancraft Scout bag that came with the Fuji. Next system i hope it will be the Sony A7IIR. We will see. I hope you enjoy my bag.

You can see my works and cv in

or find and follow me for updates and new art in

Best regards and keep shooting

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, George. Interesting to see your passion for the RX-1, I know a lot of people really love it.
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