In your bag No: 1249, Btihal Remli
This one is a wonderful bag, but also a terrible story. This is a memory of a bag that once was, and then was ruthlessly taken away. Take care out there guys.

The Stolen Bag

Since I know this page I always checked what photographers take with them on a trip and so I ended up making a photo of my bag, before I would start my next trip. It is the only photo of my bag that I ever did… what a coincidence…

As usual I took the Hasselblad. I also called it „my baby“, because (and this might sound a bit strange) the Hasselblad was my partner, my love. I took it everywhere I was going. After trying so many cameras I figured out that it was „the one“. I was hopelessly devoted to it.

In Addition I also had my Nikon FE2 which I bought once from an very old photographer in morocco for 10 Euros. That was a lucky moment. And of course you can see some Kodak Portra in my bag. My most prefered film ­ lovely colors!

I was heading from Germany to Spain with the car. I passed France and I shot some beautiful spots, nice stations and it was cool. Then I reached the border between France and Spain. I crossed Barcelona and enjoyed the sunshine as it was a nice sunny day in april.
Later on I got back on track during sunset and when I was close to Valencia I realzied that I was in need of some gas and so I stopped at a gas station. It was quite empty and I took out my Hasselblad to shoot this strange station. A well dressed man with a very new BMW was watching me. I thought he is only checking on my ass, but unfortunately I was wrong. I closed the door and went to the toilette. My Hasselblad was with me. It was always with me, but when I came back to the car something was different. One of my Potra Films was on the ground. Also my notebook. I checked on the door and it was broken.

My bag was gone!

I was going crazy and the first thing that I did was to put my Hasselblad on the seat to check if something was left. That man who watched me before came to me and said that he saw a woman taking my stuff and I was telling him why he didn’t stop her. Well after that stupid discussion he left and when I turned I realized that also my Hasselblad was gone…

And this is the last photo of my bag in this constellation. It was a horrible experience, but as photographers we should never lose the belief in people, but it seems that we have to take more care.

Hasselblad 500c/m, Carl Zeiss 80mm Planar;

Nikon FE2, 50mm f1.8
Kodak Portra 400
Guerlain Lipstick with a mirror

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Btihal. I am so sorry to hear that such a rotten bunch of bastards could do this, they probably didn’t even have an idea of what the camera was worth. Truly sorry for your loss, I hope you replace it with something else that can give you such memories and experiences.
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