In your bag 1083, Jon Kim
Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat, but not as fat as this bag. Jon has some lovely gear for us to drool over. Check it out.

I’m an NYC based designer and filmmaker and a longtime fan of your site.

I run a creative agency out of Brooklyn, and while my day job rarely involves much hands-on photography, I always keep a camera (or two… or three… sometimes up to 5) on me to take advantage of any free time that might come up during the day. New York is a rich and bottomless pool of photo ops for street photographers, so I always regret it on the rare occasions when I forget to, or am unable to pack a camera.

During my second year of film school at NYU, I had grown disenchanted with pretty much all digital imaging and gave up photography for a while, selling off all my Canon gear. Then during spring cleaning, I uncovered a Nikon FM I was given a few years back and decided to try running some film through it. I’ve been hooked since the first roll. 35, Medium Format, then Instant, I fell in love with chemical photography in all its forms, one-by-one.

After over a year of suffering from G.A.S., I now call myself a collector and pick up new vintage cameras with reckless abandon. While I’d love to have my whole collection on me all the time, I’d like to keep my spine in once piece so I most frequently use the following gear:


-Leica M6 Classic (Early Wetzlar, Black Chrome)
-Leica M3 Single Stroke
-Leica Summicron 50mm F2 (Ver. 3)
-Zeiss Biogon 35mm F2
-Voigtländer Ultron 28mm F2
-Polaroid 360 Land Camera
-Hama X-ray Safe Film Cases with 35mm Film
-Fuji Peel-apart Instant Film
-Sunpak 10 Flash
-Mr. Zhou Leather Half Case
-ONA Union Street Messenger Bag

I also have an old Hassy which I love and should use more, but for some reason I always find myself reaching for the Leicas first.

I started a photo blog this summer and promptly took a hiatus, but it will be updated before the month is over, as I have 30 rolls coming back from the lab. Check it out here:

Thanks for all you do for the film world—keep it up!!

Jon Kim

Thanks for sharing your bag, Jon. That is a lovely bag, just in time for Xmas too. Have a great holiday!
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