In your bag 1078, Paul Karl
Paul has a camera that I coveted after when I was a 16 year old student. I remember my uncle had one, and I begged him to let me use it. Well, Paul has one and he puts it to good use. Check it out.

My name is Paul and I’m a 23 year old computer engineering student from the University of Liège, Belgium.

I got into photography when I was in my third year of university with my grandfather old Nikon F50, loved it, then I picked up a Nikon F90X about two years ago.
In parallel, a use my Sony Alpha 58 for color portrait because color film is too expensive and to hard to managed for me.
I love to do portrait photography analog and digital, but now my bag is on a strictly film diet, i mostly use Tri-X with D76 or Rodinal.
I like to keep it simple a camera, a lens (I’am a 50mm guy), a film (Trix400), a developer(D76) and that it !
My 13″ Macbook air is essential for personal work, social medias, and it goes hand in hand with my Canon 9000Fmk2 film scanner.
My IPhone is very useful for keeping contact, metering, or taking quick pics if I have no camera!

Some of my favorite photographers are JL. Sieff, S.Salgado, S. McCurry, P.Roversi and many more.
Anyway, so the contents of my old Bag:

My trusted Nikon F90X with mostly a 50mm.
Sony A58 with a 50mm & 75-300.
A good book.

Hope you enjoyed my stuff and I wish you all some good light!
Greeting from Belgium!

Paul Karl

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Paul. What is that stuffed toy?
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