In your bag 1021, Mathieu Lalonde
Eh buddy! Mathieu shares with us his distinctly Canadian bag. Check it out.

Hello everyone!

My name is Mathieu Lalonde and I am a 16 years old from Québec, Canada. Like all of my fellow Quebeckers, I love poutine, cats and Céline Dion. When I’m not in the 6-feet deep snow fighting mooses over maple syrup, I enjoy shooting people on the streets. I also have a huge french accent.

I have two camera bags, one for film and one for digital. I prefer to use film for my personal work so we will stick to the film one for today.

In my bag:

My first film camera, my lovely Pentax K1000. I bought it one eBay with a 50mm f/2 for a little less than 50$. It has been reliable and very fun to use so far. It produces great images and I am very satisfied with it.

Next up is a Minolta Hi-Matic 7s. I like to carry two cameras with me, this one goes everywhere with me. It is a nice little rangefinder. Quiet, compact and fonctionnal, it is great to carry in the streets and get a hold of these little everyday life moments. Combined with the fixed 45mm f/1.8, it is a decent camera and is able to get great images. The only thing I don’t like about it is the rangefinder patch, it has become dim over time and is hard to focus in bad light conditons. For the price I paid for it, I won’t complain (even less than the K1000 including a strap and a flash).

I have a filter in my bag. I don’t know what it does and I have no idea how I got it, but it fits on the Minolta…

Wallet, to buy food and tea.

A “cat butt” coin purse. I got this for my 16th birthday. A nice, useful gift from my older brother. I carry change in it to get metro tickets or buy stuff when the won’t accept debit or my other cards.

Last but not least, film. I carry film in the upper pouch of my bag. I can’t say it’s the best way to organize film, but I don’t have a JCH film case…yet. I usually stick with 3-4 rolls and get more when I need some. Right now I’m more than fully stocked with 5 rolls of HP5+, 1 roll of XP2, 2 rolls of TriX, 1 roll of Ektar 100 and 2 rolls of Fuji Superia 400.

That’s my bag! I carry all of this in my Lowepro Fastpack 100. It’s a small bag that can’t fit too much in it, but it’s great to walk around with it since it’s lightweight.

You can see my work on Flickr: . If you want to see my “film only” work, look in the album tab and click on either Argentique. The (laboratoire) is developed by a lab. The (développement maison) is developed by myself, scanned on a Epson V550.

Cheers everyone!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Mathieu. I am confused though…Where do you fit your hockey stick?
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