In your bag 988, Grzegorz Tepper
Grzegorz shares with us a very colourful bag all the way from Poland. Come and check it out.

Hello Japancamerahunter and all JCH readers.

My name is Grzegorz Tepper and I live in Warsaw, capital city of Poland, where i work, and in october i start studying direction of photography. I try to make documentary photography.

As you can tell looking at my film stash I prefer black & white photography, but I think in this case colour picture will work better.

I shoot film exclusively… more than that. I shoot Tri-X exclusively. I develop it myself and I make wet prints myself in bathroom which i transform in darkroom with Durst DA900:)

What you see in picture is not what I take with me everyday, but kit I take with me on my summer holiday trip.

My bag is Think Tank retro 7 (not in picture, because it don’t fit composition very well:)) and it contain:

-Contax G1 with 45mm f2 planar mounted and 28mm f2,8 biogon. I bought that camera when shutter in my Canonet QL17 died. I’m rangefinder guy and I decided that I want better camera than canonet, but i can’t afford leica so I go with Contax and I have no regrets. Shooting with this thing is fast and fun, and image quality is top notch. (but I think i get leica in the future anyway:))

-Fuji GW670 III. My new acquisition. It replace my Yashica Mat since I realized that only rangefinder suit my needs. It’s Pleasure to use that monster and 6×7 negatives that it produce are simply amazing.

-Gossen Lunasix pro. irreplaceable companion for gw670. Very accurate.

-Dust blower. Useful in the field and in darkroom

-Spare batteries for G1


-Cable release – useless, because I don’t have tripod yet:)

-Tri-x, 10 roll of 135 and 10 roll of 120 (Probably I don’t use everything, but just in case I take more than I need)

You can see my work on flickr:

And on site of photocollective of which I’m member:

From Poland with love

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Grzegorz. A couple of lovely cameras you have there.
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