In your bag 929, Arthur Bueno
Arthur has been on the site before, sharing his awesome zines with us(Arthur’s zines). Now he shares his bag. Check it out. 1

Hey Bellamy,

Been hesitant to show you what I’ve been lugging around since my setup wasn’t “perfect” yet. But alas here’s my gear.

From the top right

– Iphone and Ipod (yeah… that brown thing that looks like a book is my wallet and phone)

– PSP (been playing street fighter and turbografx 16 games lately during break from work)

– Olympus Pen F w/38mm 1.8 lens

– Canon 7 w/35mm Voigtlander 2.5 Pancake Lens

– Polaroid Land Camera

– Olympus XA2

– Minolta Hi-Matic AF2

– My journal along with John Jr’s mini zine “YOUTHANIZED”(

– Bronica ETRsi

– and a bag I got from spain a couple of weeks ago.

Obviously these cameras don’t all fit in the bag as I do rotations periodically. Most of the time my phone, ipod, psp, journal, and Olympus XA2 occupy the bag as the rest sort of strap around my shoulder. For 35mm film I use Fuji Superia. I know some shooters think that film sort of sucks, but to me it’s given my photographs more of a “classic” look I guess. For 120 film I mainly use Kodak Ektar or Portra. Ektar seems to win me over Portra again with that “classic” look I like.

Bellamy, I can’t thank you enough for having such a unique segment in your blog especially the Zines and Books you post up once in awhile. Hopefully this year I’ll be able to send you an “instagram” zine I’ve been holding off on. Expect more from me, Bellamy.

You can find me on these links. (portfolio) (blog) (tumblr) (instagram) (zine subreddit I moderate)

Arthur Bueno

thanks for sharing your bag with us, Arthur. And many thanks for the zines too.
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