In your bag No: 1234, Joseph Szymanski
Joseph shares with us not his daily carry bag, but the bag he puts together for long distance, and apparently it has taken him quite a while to find the setup that he really wants to take with him. I know exactly how he feels. Check it out.

Really dig your site, all kinds of interesting gadgets as well as images. Thought I might throw my bag in the mix if you’re still taking submissions. This isn’t my every day carry, but it is the bag that I take anytime I travel any distance away from home. It took me some years to sort it out, but eventually I put a bag of tricks together that I feel I could take anywhere in the world and not want for anything… Set up is as follows, left to right, top to bottom…

A well seasoned Domke F-2B Ballistic Nylon bag – been schlepping this thing around for probably 15 years now.

Voigtlander R3m with Grip and a thread mount Voigtlander 21mm f/4 and accessory finder – relatively new addition to the kit, wanted something a little lighter for the 21mm as it’s often around my neck all day. Also wanted something with 75mm bright lines.

Leica M3 single stroke with a Leica 50mm f/1.5 – I know a lot of people hate on this lens, but I really love it’s character.

Voigtlander thread mount 75mm f/2.5 – don’t find myself using this piece of glass much on the street, but I absolute love it for portraits.

Leica M2 with Grip and a Zeiss ZM 35mm f/2 – I really love the depth and clarity of this lens, I carry this one pretty much everywhere, everyday, 35mm is by far my favorite focal length.

Sekonic L-398 Light Meter – I love old analog meters, and despise carrying around batteries. I’ve had this L-398 for years and it’s never let me down.

As for the bits and pieces…

A tiffen pouch with some orange and red filters, a handful of Ilford HP5, a couple extra take up spools for the old M’s, pens, a couple notebooks, my Android, and last but not least, the Ray-Bans…

And that’s about it…

Cheers from San Francisco,

Thanks for sharing your bag with us, Joseph. I have the same issue and have been trying to figure out my ultimate travel bag for a long time. I am glad you have found yours.
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