In your bag 950, Fong Weng Hong
From Lomo right through to Polaroid, this bag has it all. Check it out.

Hi guys,

My name is Fong Weng Hong. I am a Malaysian currently studying MBA in Victoria University, Melbourne. My passion for photography started a few years ago during the height of Lomography. From there i just got hook with the beauty of photography. My collection started from plastic lomo cam to more serious stuff. From 16mm to 126 to 620 to 110, i collect rare and beautiful camera.

I had two set of film equipments depending on when i go out which is keep in my trustworthy 4 years old Manfrotto Bella IV.

Daylight Bag

1) Polaroid 250 ( MOD Tominon 127mm f4.7 lens by The Instant Camera Guy ) loaded with Fuji FP100C


Nikon FM2 + 23mm lens loaded with random ASA50/100 C41 film

2) Bessa R2 + Canon LTM 50 1.8 loaded with BW film mostly TMAX 100 or Ilford 400

3) Rollei 35 loaded with random ASA50/100 C41 film in the pocket

Night Bag

1) Leica M6 + Canon LTM 50 1.8 loaded with Ilford Delta 3200 ( just recently acquired, still on the first roll)

2) Nikon FE2 + Nikon AIS 50 1.4 with Portra 400

3) Cosina CX2+ Flash with random ASA50/100 C41 film in the pocket

Must have item in the bag:

1) Sony NEX6 with Nikon-NEX Mitakon Speed Booster + Kit Zoom Lens +Spare Battery

2) Blower

3) Shutter Release Cable

4) Spare changes !!! Very Important!!! (useful in replacing battery, buying drinks+foods and most important to appreciate street performance artist when grabbing a shot of them)

Normally i only share my photo with my friends on Facebook(Groups) that i join. Feel free to add my on FB. Recently i started to offer mail in developing service for BW film in Australia.

Feel free to check out my page, i will start on moving all my photo to that page.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Fong. Love that Polaroid.
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