In your bag 870, Jesse Roberts
A very fancy bag today, with all of the trimmings. Including a very cool Agfa camera. Come and have a look.

My name is Jesse and I live in Fremantle, Australia. I stumbled across in your bag a few months ago and have loved checking out everyones’ gear/work/stories since.

I’ll start with my bag. To be honest usually I just take one of my cameras in my backpack or messenger bag when I’m headed out of the house. But when I go out to with the intention of shooting, I’ve been taking my gear in this old bag my grandfather-in-law gave me (complete with an old Spotmatic which I haven’t used yet). I’ve got a big lowepro backpack which is good for travelling or taking a flash, extra lenses etc, but I prefer this set-up and the bag is way cooler.

As far as cameras go, my current collection is not that great. For the last couple of years I’ve been thinking through how to justify film use alongside a fairly strict vegetarian diet, so I’ve been shooting mostly digital and slowly depleting my old film stock and using odd expired rolls that I come across in charity stores or get from friends etc. I got rid of a Yashica Electro GTN, a sweet little minox, and my Bronica etrs, which is a little sad.

I couldn’t get rid of my Agfa Optima 1035, which is super fun to use, nice construction and a lens that gives great colour and contrast.

For a long time I was using a Pentax K1000, which I loved, but I recently picked up an LX, which I have always wanted. It’s actually got a little bit of shutter lag but hopefully that won’t be hard to sort out. Lovely camera anyway.

My main camera is my super tough Pentax K7 (not tough enough to withstand a computer dropped on the top panel display; that’s a tape job), which has served me faithfully and is awesome ergonomically. Hopefully sometime in the next year or so I’ll pick up a new digital with better iso and focus, but will be keeping hold of this camera regardless.

I usually don’t take my 35mm F2 off the dslr, and the LX usually has a 50mm F1.4, but I do swap these between the two when needed. Also for the dslr I’ve got the pretty average but weather-sealed kit zoom, and a really nice compact 70mm F2.4, which I use occasionally for portraits or when I need a bit more reach.

Other general bits and pieces are a pen and notebook, filters (polariser, uv, two ND filters to stack), SD cards, phone, keys, and wallet.

Thanks for checking out my bag, if you want to take a look at some snaps you can see my blog:

or my recently launched/under construction website for an attempt at some freelance paid work:


Thanks for sharing your bag with us Jesse. Some cool stuff there.
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