In your bag 825, J Pierson
Not only a bag, but a film collection for you all today. Come and check out what J has in his bag and his fridge.

What’s in my bag:

This is the large bag of large cameras. It’s one of six camera bags I have. This one contains a ’63 Graflex Crown Graphic Special and a ’55 Rollei 2.8D. The Crown has a 135mm Schneider Xenar and a 90mm Calumet lens. The Rollei has the Zeiss Planar lens. I’ve shot 35mm and digital for awhile, but these larger cameras are new to me. This was the bag I just took on a trip to Kauai, where I shot 40 4×5 images of the Na Pali coast, Taylor Camp and the Lawai Center.
I also put about four rolls through the Rollei. In total, that’s about 10% of what I shot the last time I was there with my digital gear. It’s what I have enjoyed most about getting back in to film – It has slowed me way down with regard to thinking about and setting up a shot – These large cameras even moreso than the 35mm gear, since the lens choices are limited, and the process of capturing the shot is as much about setting up the gear as it is the image.

I have not shot film regularly for about 10 years, so it took time to get back in to some of those rituals. I’m hoping to take another trip soon – If I do I will probably take some 35mm equipment and shoot through the 40+ rolls I have chilling in the crisper.

What’s in my crisper (film drawer in my fridge)

3 boxes of 4×5
5 rolls of 120
35mm: Velvia 50 & 100; Provia 100; Neopan SS; Ilford 50 & 100; Panchromatic X, and over 20 rolls of various current and past Film Photography Project emulsions, the details of which I’ve sort of lost track of. I love what those guys are doing to keep things fun, positive and interesting. It should take about a year to shoot through all this. If I take a trip, I’ll go through it more quickly.

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Thanks for sharing your film and your bag with us J. Very cool stuff.
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