In your bag 732, Gabriele Lopez
Not one, not two, but three bags for you all today! Three! Gabriele has a lot of stuff to share with us, so we had better get cracking.

Normally I’m not at all into gear talk but this thing looks funny and different…

Little introduction: My name is Gabriele and I am a professional photographer based in Milan, Italy.

Photography has always been a passion and a way to live, until it became urgent and absolutely needed to dedicate myself to photography in a Full Way, since I couldn’t resist doing else 9 to 5…

So I survive doing Commercial Stuffs Photography  and Wedding Photography other than working on various publications around, even…I work with Millenium Images agency in London.

Most than anything, what keeps me going is self-expression and personal photography, without a definite genre, mostly a diary of pictures taken along the road of life..I don’t care about labels, is just photography.

Please have a look at my blog, I’m always in search of new things to see and people to interact with:

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Talking about bags, Is different based on what I have to do:



Schermata 2013-11-07 alle 21.53.16

This is the kind of set-up that i have made up along years..shooting assignments, weddings, corporate stuffs demands you often consecutive days of shooting and in the DSLR days that was a nightmare for weight and space required. What you see fits in the Tenba Messenger, including a Macbook air (if really needed) and can be the handbag in a plane flight so I don’t have to face the terror of shipping my equipment.

I use the Fujis, I sold all My Canon Dslr stuffs years ago and I never regret this choice. Quality is stunning, equipment is smaller and Lighter and I shoot in a more spontaneous way in a similar way to my personal stuffs.

I have the two fujis x-pro1, 18,27,35,60 and a 135mm nikon with a fuji mount (makes a 180mm angle) for specific needs, two flashes, 7 batteries and many sd cards…so I’m able to shoot for 3 days without stops for downloading…battery charger, car-charger, handy light, notebook, visit-cards, smartphone for gps and emails..The fuji Instax is for Events and weddings, when they ask for take-away pictures..not pictured a Manfrotto light tripod..and led light…this kit allows me consecutive days of work without devastating me, for my work style is perfect. This rarely gets out of home if not for work.

This stuffs make me survive and feeds me.

Film projects

Schermata 2013-11-07 alle 21.53.34

I am an avid film shooter, I prefer to spend time developing and printing than in front of a computer, i like the process and style, and the tools too…I have an old Olympus 35 RF with a stunning fixed 45mm lens 1.7 that I’ve changed leather in red when it was destroyed…love it…

Then there is a M6 with voigtlander 35 2.5 and 25f4..and a 50mm f2 zeiss, with an old Jupiter 50 2.8…and a Rolleiflex 3.5 for 6×6…i Carry my rolls usually in a Pipe-tabac metal can, moleskine for Notes and smartphone with all the music I need.. same handy-torch to be not slaved totally by light.

My stuffs

Schermata 2013-11-07 alle 21.53.47

Even if of course I can bring with me something else depending on what I want to do, 99,9% of the days I go out with a non-photographic bag, mono-shoulder since I ride a motorbike and a messenger is dangerous…inside just as little as possible, I am a point and shoot lover…so my G15 recently (before it was a grd) a yashica P&s, or my Diana Camera…some rolls, light, personal website cards, music..having so little gear sets me free, and that’s the style I try to reach even in my professional work, when possible.

I had a gr1s but the shutter died and I gave it to a friend for parts…but I don’t miss it, The yashica minitec does almost the same…somewhere I have even another Canon p&s (Prima mini) with a fixed lens…I think i got them both on a street sale for like 10 bucks, working.

Happy to get a line from you…Have fun!

Gabriele Lopez

Photographer –  Milano, Italy

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Thanks for sharing your bags with us Gabriele, I love the red leather on the Olympus 35, very cool.
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