In your bag 715, Jing Wen
Jing was one of the very first to feature a bag on JCH, over 700 entries ago! Wekk, now he is back and sharing another great bag with us. Check it out.

Two years ago, I was featured as bag #11 but since then, all the contents of my bag have changed and the only thing that has stayed the same is the Billingham bag! The general trend is that I’ve been trying to streamline my shooting setup. So here’s what’s in my bag now:

Hasselblad 501C/M

I upgraded to this model from the venerable 500C/M simply because I wanted to do macro with the Hasselblad and the Gliding Mirror System in the 501C/M would eliminate the vignetting in the viewfinder, which can take up almost 1/4 of the screen! There are some minor upgrades to the body as well, the base is no longer metal but has a rubbery coating making the edges not so sharp and better for putting on surfaces. And finally it has a split prism focusing screen, which helps a lot when I’m focusing on lines and edges, as I am fairly likely to do.

Zeiss Planar T* 2,8/80 CFE

Exactly the same optical formula as the CF version but the main difference is in the focusing helicoid, which is redesigned to be smoother and easier to turn. Not to mention the new rubberised grip controls on the focusing and shutter speed rings.

A12 ‘Black Dot’ film magazine

I usually bring around 2 of them, one for black & white film and the other one for slide film. The ‘Black Dot’ film magazine comes with the darkslide holder at the back, which is a real boon for darkslide management because I hate putting it in my pocket.

Sony RX1 with Zeiss Sonnar T* 2/35

This is the latest addition to my shooting setup. Although I’m not a fan of the 35mm FOV, when cropped as a square it comes very close to the Hasselblad 80mm FOV, maybe just a fraction larger. Of course, it has a great sensor paired with a superb Zeiss lens, which is why I picked it. And I feel that it’s a good substitute when slide film dies eventually.

Cable Release

Never know when I might need to use a much slower shutter speed and there is a structure or object that I can rest the Hasselblad on so that I can use the cable release. Also, the same cable release can be used for the RX1 so that’s a bonus!

Everything else from my previous setup has been dropped simply because I never used them anymore. Keeping them in my bag for “what-if” situations was just pointless and adding unnecessary bulk.

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Thanks for coming back to us after all this time. It is really great to see how you have developed.
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