In your bag No: 684, Julien Pasternak
Today we have a bag from another hunter. This time it is the City Hunter. Julien has a a very modern setup for us all to see. Come and check it out.

My name is Julien PASTERNAK, I’m from Paris, France, and I have worked as a professional photographer for the past year or so. Let’s just say I loved photography but never even thought of making a living of it, until one of my friends needed a photographer to cover one of his events, started paying me for it and left me with the strong impression I was missing something in my professional life. Fast forward one year, I have now turned pro, said farewell to real estate and embraced the difficult life of “artist”, although I still believe that the key to living of art is a strong ability to sell it.


This is not my professional setup, I’ll save it for next time, this is my holiday / everyday / whatever-I’m-not-working-tonight setup. I know you guys are huge fans of analog cameras setups, and I have an old canon A-1 in a closet somewhere, but I’m just enjoying the ease of use digital provides, and the only times I use an analog camera are when I don’t want to risk expensive gear on a travel that can be dangerous, or if I may get very drunk and put my camera at risk (discovering the pictures after a few days of wait is also, in that particular case, always a fun, “the hangover-esque”, experience).

So, my gear:

– The bag is an Ally Capellino for iPad or Macbook Air 11′. Not made for a camera, but surprisingly it fits everything I need;

– Camera: Nex-6 by Sony, great value for the money. I’m trying not to buy too much lenses / accessories for it and so far I have succeeded, but I’m eyeing on a flash and a small tripod that could be of great use sometimes;

– AiAiAi earphones;

– iPad Mini / iPhone cable and charger (12W, charges MUCH faster than with the one provided in the box);

– iPad SD card reader, with iPhoto on the iPad for image treatment on the go;

– Bamboo stylus, always useful for those times my fingers are too big;

– A small tissue for cleaning lenses: you cannot work in photography and not have one of these in each bag / pair of jeans / jacket you own;

– iPad and iPhone, couldn’t live without those;

– 4-color Bic pen: besides iPhone, iPad and cameras, probably the most useful thing mankind has ever invented;

– Business cards: How can you sell anything without those? I have my business cards, and those of the events I photograph on a regular basis, so I can always leave those to potential customers to see my work.

And that’s it, I try to keep it light but have everything I need at hand. You can have a look at some of my work here:

City Hunter

I’m not very good at updating those unless there’s a good incentive, but I’m getting better. Next time, I’ll send a picture of my professional setup, which is kind of huge next to this. Thanks for reading.

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Julien. A very straightforward and modern bag.
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