In your bag 863, Kieran Taylor
A super cool bag from the north of the UK today. With some cool old SLR cameras in the bag too. come and check it out.

Hello, my name is Kieran and I live in the North of the UK near Leeds. I’m 29 and work full time as a team leader in a supermarket.

My dream is to photograph around the world but at the moment i’m currently stuck to photographing around Leeds and Sheffield. A couple of years ago while at University in London I started to photograph around the dirty city streets and became hooked. Since then I moved back home to Yorkshire and discovered a massive Graffiti and urbex scene in and around Sheffield. Every time I go back to Sheffield there is new incredible Graffiti and street art, always something new to shoot.

Over this time I’ve slowly upgraded my camera equipment and hopefully got better as a photographer. A lack of money means I’m restricted to essentially the basic line of camera equipment (but I’m always dreaming of owning a Leica!) but I’ve found the Nikon D3200 to be a incredible piece of kit for the money. Other recent additions to my kit are film cameras.

When I first started taking pictures 10 or so years ago film photography felt passé. Film photography was something I ignored till a friend gave me a Olympus OM10 last christmas. After it sat in my house for a couple of weeks I finally bought some film from Poundland (I really didn’t want to spend much on this film experiment) and hit the street of Leeds. The roll then sat in my house for a further couple of weeks before I finally got it processed. The pictures I got back had me I instantly hooked. I won’t go into depth why i’m now a complete film junkie but how I describe it to my friends is that the pictures you take with a film camera have a soul to them unlike digital pictures. The Olympus OM10 which I don’t use much anymore sometimes throws up unexpected treasures such as arty looking scratches on the pictures, light leakage and even a picture that looked ultraviolet. The kind of art effects which just look tacky on digital pictures.

My favourite film camera is the Nikon EM which is just a pleasure to use and the other recent addition was my granddads Canon T50 which felt like some sort of passing of the torch ceremony. He went into great detail why he bought it and why he needed a macro lens for it.

I really do feel like film photography has made me a much better photographer. I spend so much time now actually thinking while framing a shot. That 24 film limit really focuses the mind into not just firing off shots.

My camera equipment is:

-Nikon D3200 with Kit lens and a 70-300 Tamrom lens which is surprisingly sharp

-Nikon EM with 28mm and 50mm

-Canon T50 with 50mm and Macro Lens

-Apple iPhone 5 and iPad Mini because I’m a Apple whore

-Prophet Graphic novel. Its a great comic book and comes highly recommended from me

Ipod for music and podcasts while out photographing. Nerdist podcast is one of the best

Links to my social media sites: My daily addiction

Thanks for reading

Thanks for the bag, Kieran. It is cool to see that tank of a Canon getting some love.
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