In your bag No: 669, Bach Nguyen
Today we have not just one bag, but 3 bags, each distinctly different and each one lovely. Come and check out these amazing bags.

My name is Bach Nguyen, from Boston. I used to work as PJ for couple years but just keep taking pictures as a hobby now. I bring camera(s) with me most of the time when I go out. After a long time of trying, I found that the trio MP, M9, and Rolleiflex 2.8F Aurum is the best combo. They cover most of the things when I walking on street.


J. Crew bag with Billingham insert

Leica MP with 50mm Lux for Velvia films (sometimes I use M3 instead of MP with the same feeling)

Leica M9 with Cron 90mm F2.0 E55

Cron 35mm F2 ASPH

Rolleiflex 2.8F Aurum for B&W films (Ilford 100 most of the time)

Minolta VF light meter

Nikon cable release

Japan Camera Hunter film box

Westone 5 earphones


When I go shooting landscape, the Hassy 503CW (named Deep Blue) is with me, of course it comes with the tripod (Gitzo 3541 and BH-55)

Hasselblad 503CW

80mm CFE

150mm CF

50mm FLE

2 A-12 backs, 1 for sildes and 1 for B&W films

Lee ND filters

Nikon cable release

Polaroid back

Minolta VF light meter


Sometimes I feel like to carry just one simple camera then most of the time Nikon FM2N (or F2AS, F3HP, F2) is my choice with 85mm 1.4 AIS and 50mm 1.2 AIS. When I come to take pictures for events, sport, or macro then 5D2 will sound.


Thanks for sharing your bags with us Bach, they are really amazing. I love the blue Hassy. I wish you had sent some links too though.

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