In your bag No: 626, Daniel King
Dan shares with us his bag today. A nice simple Domke rig with a versatile range of film and digital gear. Come and have a look.

Hi! My name is Dan King, a 24 year old civil engineer with a dangerous photography addiction from Liverpool, UK.

I carry a camera wherever I am and city life dictates my subject matter. The urban environment is something that interests me as an engineer and photographer.

I’ve been guilty of chopping and changing my setup ALOT over the last few years, but I’ve had this setup for a while now and I am managing to resist the temptation of new gear. I’ve had SLRs, rangefinders, TLRs, polaroids and just about everything in between, but I found the gear was over complicating the process, so my setup is a lot lighter and simpler now.

I shoot both film and digital, digital if I am feeling impatient but I have a soft spot for film and absolutely LOVE shooting analogue. I shoot both colour and B&W film, developing my own monochrome when I have the time. I haven’t quite nailed down the process yet, but I’m getting there. I don’t take all 4 cameras out with me, normally picking either digital or film:

Domke F-XB Bag – A cracking small bag for what I need, just wish the velcro wasn’t so loud!

FujiFilm X100 – Probably my favourite digital camera purchase ever, love it

Sony RX100 – A great digital compact which packs major image quality in a tiny body

Yashica T3 – My most recent purchase, it was an absolute bargain for Zeiss glass that I couldn’t resist

Ricoh GR1 – An absolute dream to use, snap focus addict

Film – I shoot with a mixture of film really, whatever I can get my hands on. Would love to shoot portra all the time, but it’s just too expensive!

iPhone 5

You can check out my work of on my website: and recent images/ramblings on my tumblr:

Thanks for sharing your gear with us Dan. Great to see that mix of film and digital going on.
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